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Dr. med. András Jávor, Budapest

  • President of IPO Ungarn, 2006
  • Director, Institute for Medical Informatics, Semmelweis University Budapest,  2002-2006
  • Director of the National Public Health Program,2001-2003
  • Senior advisor of the Health Minister in Public Health and Medical Informatics, 2001
  • Chief of the National Council for Medical Informatics, 2001-2003
  • President of the Hungarian Public Health Association, 2000-2004; Vice-president 2004-
  • Chairman of the Hungarian Working Group for Information Societies Technologies of the NATIONAL COMMITTEE for TECHNOLOGICAL DEVELOPMENT , 1999-2002
  • Deputy Head of the National Health Insurance Reform Committee, 1998-2000
  • Chief of the Board of the Public Foundation for Technology Assessment in the Health Care, 1998-
  • International consultant in health policy, public health and medical informatics, 1994-
  • Managing Principal of SANITARIUS Consulting L.P., 1997-
  • Permanent  Secretary of State, Ministry of Welfare, 1990-94
  • Head of the Health Reform Secretariat, Ministry of Social Affairs and Health Care, 1988-1990
  • Director, National Institute of Medical Informatics, Szekszárd, 1979-1990
  • Internist, County Hospital, Szekszárd, 1972-1979

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