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Univ.-Prof. Dr. med. Norbert Bachl, Wien



  • 1984, 1988                        
    Team Physician of the Austrian National Team during the Olympic Games, Los Angeles Seoul
  • October 1991                    
    Appointment as Full Professor for Sports and Exercise Physiology at the Basic and Integrative Scientific Faculty at the University of Vienna
  • October 1991 - 1995           
    President of the Austrian Association for Sports Medicine (ÖGSM)
  • November 1991                
    Founder-member of the Austrian Association of Space Medicine and Life Science (ASM), 1992-1996: Secretary General
  • since 1993                         
    Member of the Prevention Board of the Federation of Austrian Social Insurance Institutions
  • since October 1994           
    Head of the Institute for Sports Science of the University of Vienna
  • June 1994 - Dec 1999      
    Dean of the Basic and Integrativ Scientific Faculty at the University of Vienna
  • since 1995                        
    Member of the Scientific Commission of FIMS (International Federation of Sports Medicine)
  • since October 1997          
    President of the European Federation of Sports Medicine
  • since May 1998                
    Member of the Executive Committee of the FIMS
  • October 2002                    
    Scientific Chair of the Section Sports Medicine during the 7th IOC Olympic Congress on Sports Sciences Athen
  • December 2002                 
    Appointment as General Secretary of the MC-EOC
  • since 2003                         
    Member of the Medical and Scientific Commission of the International Olympic Committee (IOC-MC)
  • 2003 - 2004
    Member of the Restructuring Convent in the University of Vienna
  • 2004                                  
    Dean of the Faculty of Sports Science and University Sports Institute, University Vienna
  • February 2005                   
    Member of the Executive Committee of the Anti-Aging-Academy
  • July 2005                          
    Head of the IOC-MC Working Group „Molecular basis of connective tissue and muscle injuries in sport“
  • June 2006                         
    Vice-President of FIMS
  • June 2006 - Sept. 2010       
    Reappointment as Dean of the Faculty of Sports Science and University Sports
  • since June 2008             
    Member of the University´s Evaluation Committee of the Governing Board Rome University of Sport and Movement Sciences
  • 2007-2008                        
    EU Expert of the Commission “Physical, Activity and Health”
  • since August 2008            
    Member of the Commission of Law of NADA (National Anti Doping Agency)
  • since October 2009           
    EFSMA Past President
  • since November 2009       
    Scientific Head of the C.R.I.S. Eurodat Life Project
  • May 2010                          
    Re-election as Vice President of FIMS
  • May 2010                          
    Appointment as member of the EOC/MC
  • January 2011                    
    Member of the Medical Commission of the Austrian Olympic Committee

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